About Newcastle UXL

Newcastle UXL is dedicated to helping all young people maximise their true potential and raise their aspirations by supporting a wide and flexible range of employment and engagement opportunities.

Diverse apprenticeship opportunities

Newcastle UXL was founded in Oct 2004 to initiate partnership working between all Training Providers in the Newcastle area to create one voice for Work Based Learning.

Newcastle UXL is unique in that it does not offer training directly but supports learners through the alliance of Training Providers it works with. This enables us to support people in a more flexible and varied manner and allows us to offer independent Information, Advice and Guidance.

Equality Statement

‘Newcastle UXL is dedicated to helping all people maximise their true potential and raise their aspirations by supporting a wide and flexible range of training and engagement opportunities regardless of their Ethnic origin, gender, religion, physical/learning abilities, age or sexual orientation.

An inclusive workplace is one where the human rights principles of fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy are promoted and these are Newcastle UXL’s everyday goals and behaviour.

If you are a young person who would like more information about apprenticeships and other work based learning opportunities you can email us at info@newcastleuxl.co.uk or visit: www.apprenticehips.org.uk

If you are an employer or training provider who would like further information you can email us at info@newcastleuxl.co.uk or telephone: 07534 921147

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At Newcastle UXL we are passionate about the importance of good quality, impartial and independent information, advice and guidance.

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Our colleagues are experienced and qualified to give you information, advice and guidance to meet your needs.

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We work with you to find the best outcome for your personal situation at your own pace.

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Keep checking our website for information on latest events and updates on what’s happening in your area.

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We can offer mentoring, tasters and bespoke training to suit your needs. A short programme personalised for you to get you into an apprenticeship/traineeship or study programme.