“I would like to thank Newcastle UXL for all the support they have given me in to find a Apprenticeship placement. Prior to my placement at Your Homes Newcastle I attended different training courses and also applied for number of job vacancies through Newcastle UXL. Some of the following skills which I have gained from being mentored by Newcastle UXL are; interview techniques, CV writing, confidence building, help with application form and links with different originisations.”

Mohammed Sayadur Rahman – Business Admin Apprentice

“I have had much support and help from the Newcastle UXL team. The team has helped me with my everyday life as well as helping me achieve my goals in life by looking for Apprenticeships and jobs which I thought were the best choices for me. The benefits that I have found include: better time keeping, improved personal skills, improved people skills, being able to pass interviews and job questionnaires and how to be prepared for a job interview. Overall I have had a great experience with Newcastle UXL and have learnt a lot as well as moving on with my future.”

Saifur Rehman – Customer Service Apprentice

Saifur Rehman - Customer Service Apprentice

“Newcastle UXL pulled out all the stops to ensure I got the right Apprenticeship that I was looking for. I felt no pressure and was helped considerably by a diversity mentor who went that extra mile, so I was able to get the best Apprenticeship out there. I am coming to the end of my doing an Advanced Apprenticeship Business Administration Course and will be doing a Higher Apprenticeship in Programming shortly after with the considerable help from Newcastle UXL”

Peter Macdonald – Business Admin Apprentice

Peter Macdonald - Business Admin Apprentice

“ABC has a long standing excellent relationship with Newcastle UXL and their service levels and support are first class. Having had first-hand experience of the benefits an Apprenticeship can bring to an organisation, I was keen to take someone through this approach. I explained to Newcastle UXL and they delivered on our requirements. The candidates were all exceptionally good and the decision to go with Margarida was hard. However, Margarida had all of the skills and experience we were looking for, and additional ones that we weren’t, but are great to have. Margarida has fitted into the organisation very well and is great addition to the team, who is about to embark on a Accountancy Apprenticeship with the North East Chamber of Commerce. We are now looking for another Apprentice due to our continued growth and will once again look to work with Newcastle UXL to fill the vacancy.”

Ammar Mirza – Director of ABC

Ammar Mirza - Director of ABC

“My name is Adheil Hussain and working with people from Newcastle UXL has been a pleasure, when I first talked to the people at Newcastle UXL I felt very supported and they gave me help in an Apprenticeship which I was interested in. They were kind, polite and I think they have helped me a lot. Now I have an Apprenticeship with Newcastle City Council for joinery and I would not have got this without the help of the members of Newcastle UXL. They provided me the information and chances to get this Apprenticeship and I could not have asked for anything else.”

Adheil Hussain - Apprentice Joiner

“I would like to thank Newcastle UXL for their continued support. Before I knew about Newcastle UXL I was looking for a career change as I was in the family business for a long time, as it was the recession I was finding it hard to land an ideal position, employers were just not taking people on. I applied many times but employers wouldn’t give me an interview. Then I met a person from Newcastle UXL and he told me about an Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care and I grabbed this opportunity with both hands, although I have faced many challenges during my employment I have found a lot of personal satisfaction in this role due to the nature of the work as it is part of my religion and culture to adopt a caring personality, once again I would like to say I am grateful for the opportunity Newcastle UXL has given me.”

Murad - Health and Social Care Apprentice

“Newcastle UXL helped me to improve my confidence and taught me some techniques about what to do in an interview. Newcastle UXL really helped me and supported me on getting a job that I want.”

Karl Azcarraga - Apprentice Chef


Newcastle UXL is dedicated to helping all young people maximise their true potential and raise their aspirations by supporting a wide and flexible range of training and engagement opportunities.

Newcastle UXL does not offer training directly but supports learners through the alliance of Training Providers it works with. This allows us to support young people in a more flexible and varied manner and allows us to offer independent guidance.

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